I think my chickens might have mites?

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    I can not see them, but I know that they are there. What can I do to get my coop, run and chickens mite or lice free? Thanks in advance, Janice from Walden, NY.
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    Not sure they will ever be mite free.

    So what to do.

    Mites come out at night so make sure all roosts are treated. This I've read can be a vaseline rub though I've read of using used motor oil. I suppose mineral oil would work and you could brush it on. Get it into all cracks and crevices where mites like to hide.

    Vaseline has been recommended for the legs and feet of all birds.

    DE food grade to dust all birds can help too. I dust all nest boxes on a regular basis, but you want to keep them dry. I usually leave them with out hay for a few days if they get soiled and throw some dust in the new hay so girls lay in an nice dust bath. I also spread DE around in the corners and sprinkle some in the wood chips that go on the floor. I suppose a good stiff paint brush will help get it into the corners.

    In the warmer dry weather when I see them in their dusting holes, I go over and dump some on them and in the hole, retreating if things get wet. Once things dry out again.

    I also use DE in the scratch to keep it moth free and dry. I store it in a metal garbage can but for some reason the moth things are hard to prevent. If anyone has a solution for this problem I'd be glad to hear it.

    I haven't anywhere to keep 50 birds while I spray and let the coop dry for two days, so to me and constant prevention method works best. Mites will come whether we like it or not so it's best to keep them in check.

    Again as always you have to do what works for you. Not everyones' situation is the same. So far I've not seen any mites though I've checked but I can't say they're not there from what I've read. I just keep up my defenses.

    Hope you get rid of the cooties

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    Why do you think they are there? Yes, mites are common- but you CAN see them, or at least their poop. Roost mites come out at night- go out late at night with a flash light and you will see red/grey/black pepper spilling out of cracks in the coop and crawling up the chicken's legs & feathers. During the day- the cracks can be identified by the grey/black specks (poop) covering the cracks that the hide in during the day. If you are pretty sure you have roost mites (see them or evidence, or pale birds, or birds that don't want to go in their coops at night)- you need to clean the coops out, spray crevices/cracks with pesticide and seal/paint cracks over to decrease mite hiding places. Repeat q 2 weeks for a few cycles, then inspect monthly for reinfestation- as they DO come back.

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