I think My flock Has MG or Cocci


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Apr 24, 2009
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My chickens i have about 14 chickens who should be laying, and im getting one egg a day, and a bunch of the younger girls have discharge from their noses and some from their eyes, i think it is either MG or cocci but other than the things i have noted above they dont seem to be sick, one young girl however i think is going blind, when she was a bit younger her eyes used to get all yucky and scab up, they dont anymore but now they look clouded and i think she may be going blind.


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Cocci isn't respiratory, it is intestinal. MG is certainly one of the possibilities. So what are you going to do about it?


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Feb 23, 2009
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Erm, Krodsorin, would you like some help and advice on what to do about it? (I assume that's why you're posting!).

It may be coryza you're thinking of, not cocci. And yes, with those symptoms it could be coryza or MG. There are plenty of threads on this board which will tell you how to treat both of those conditions, so I won't go into masses of detail, just let you do your own search. Needless to say, some poultry keepers will encourage you to cull at the first signs of respiratory disease... others will treat the outbreak with antibiotics and from then onwards keep a closed flock (certainly with MG, affected birds will remain carriers for life, continuing to shed the bacterium from the disease even when fully recovered, so any newcomers will be at risk of coming down with it too, and you must practise strict biosecurity if you have any contact whatsoever with poultry from other sources - you don't want to go spreading it around to other flocks.)

I think a pic of the girl with the clouded eye may be useful to the BYCers who could help you. I'm not one of them - this isn't something I can tell you a lot about. I've just looked up 'eyes' in 'Diseases of Free Range Poultry' and have found references to conjunctivitis, foreign bodies, ammonia blindness, trauma and sinusitis. All can lead to eventual blindness if not treated promptly with antibiotics. Not sure which yours might be though. Anyone?

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