I think my Hatching chick is disoriented in the shell?


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She/he started coming out from the middle of the shell not the larger wide end of the shell. It appears that the membrane is very thick. I have kept the humidity between 70 and 80 and for the last three days today being day 21 (despite the hydrometer as I just misted under the egg tray due to having to open the incubator) . One of the other eggs has hatched and is out and dry and good to go. This one seems to have limited mobility because of the way its head is still under the wing. Also it appears to have some blood or blood looking liquid on the membrane. I can see the baby its whole beak and partial head is out so it's breathing and chirping away, but like I said it has limited mobility to reach the parts of the shell she needs to peck away. I have wrapped the shell with a warm wet paper towel leaving the hole that it has made exposed and folded back some of the membrane so she/he could see so that it may be motivated to get free.... What now?
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Wait a bit and see what it does. She may just need to wiggle around a bit more to get in the right position. If there's blood she's not quite ready to come out yet.
Give her and hour or 3 and if she's tiring and not making progress open the shell a bit more. But if there's blood wait an hour and try again.

Keeping the membrane damp is a good idea. You're doing well so far, so just relax and be patient now.
That's what I figured, and I hate opening the incubator their are 2 more eggs in it. I forgot to mention that she has been in this same state since about 8pm last night but she still looks wet to me.

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