I think my hen has a Stroke?

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    One of my Olive Egger hens hasn't been doing well for the last little while. I posted not long ago about her droopy wing but over the last few days she has been unsteady on one of her legs as well, same side as the wing. I also noticed her eye looks a little "sleepy" but she is pale in the face and dark in the comb also.

    Her appetite is good but it's nearly impossible for her to get to the food without falling over(moved her to an empty brooder). this morning i leaned her against the inside wall of a nest box and hooked a cup of food there for her to eat. she ate well then I carried her to the water and she drank plenty.

    Because it's only affecting the one side is why i suspect a stroke. but have no experience with it in animals, is it common in chickens? And also, I am guessing I will have to cull her because of it, but I REALLY would appreciate some experienced input on the situation.

    thanks so much.
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