I think my roo crowed for the first time


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Jul 17, 2011
So yesterday morning about 6am, my hubby gets up to go open the coop doors for me. He comes back in, goes to the bathroom, and I'm still laying in bed "trying" to wake myself up. I suddenly heard a noise. To me it sounded like this outdoor neighborhood cat we have. Very scratchy moany type of meow he has. Hubby gets out of the bathroom and I ask, "Hey babe, is siris(cats name) at the door again?" He says, "Oh no, thats the green rooster"(they have colored leg bands). I hopped out of bed so fast it would make your head spin. I ran to my sons room, his window sees right into the run, best view ever, I'm jealous. I looked for our green boy(he is now 2 months old) and there he was, on the ground. He stretched out his neck, and.....made a noise that, to me, sounded like what you'd imagine he would sound like if you took him in your hands and squeezed real tight, not his neck, his body. I was like , "Awwwww, his first attempts at crowing" I was so excited I posted it to facebook ASAP. My friends of course made fum of me but I was so excited for him. Even though I know a few months from now I'm gonna be cursing him
He will get it perfected though. lol

Which reminds me, while I'm here, one quick question. When you have more then one roo, is it true that once the "king pin" has been chosen, he will pretty much be the only crower? Or will I be eating some roosters soon? lol We have 3 boys, not on purpose of course, and technically not supposed to have ANY here in Colorado. So I dont think neighbors would like that many crowing that early. They already said they could deal with the one. Can't fight me about it when every neighbor around here has a noisy dog that everyone screams at to shut up. Whats one more noise maker added to the bunch, lol.


This is Green. A.K.A. Roo, since we still can't seem to come up with a name for him.
Aren't new rooster crows hilarious!?! Not so much true about the dominate rooster being the lone crower. I have a rooster quartette in my back yard. The alpha roo will crow and then they'll go on down the pecking order line up. *I* think having more roos encourages an alpha rooster to crow more, because he's gotta constantly be telling the other guys that the ladies are his. When I only had one rooster, I would only hear him a couple of times a day.
My two-month old roo tried to crow yesterday too! I was so proud but he did sound pretty wimpy. lol.

As for the question: No they'll all crow. I've got two OEGB roosters that actually have crowing competitions. Jasper will crow and then the other will crow, then Jasper, then the other, the Jasper, then the other. They do it allll the time. But I love to hear it and we're out in the boondocks so nobody can complain

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