I think my turkey is in love with me...


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11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Central Kentucky
So I have a bourbon red hen who is almost a year old. Every time I go out to feed the birds she sees me and immediately fluffs her feathers and spreads her wings and then lays down. She just stays like this and lets me pet her and is always eying me like she is in love. Is this normal behavior for a turkey? My tom doesn't act this way and I thought it would be interesting to see if other people's turkeys act similar to her.
yeah. she loves you.

is she interested in the tom??

we have a BR hen who loves my husband. i just pick her up, put her on a roost and walk away. then we let the tom come around to .. well.. you know...
Ah, yes... it sounds like she's "chosen" you
. One of my Bourbon Red hens does the same thing for me a few times a week. I generally pick her up, pet her and carry her around for a bit before setting her back down in the coop/run. And, as soon as her little feet hit the ground one of the toms decides to take advantage of her "squat" and breed with her. Turkey hens do select which tom they choose to breed with. Your hen sounds like a sweetie!
She is a sweetie! I don't think my tom is interested in her at all. I never see him mess with her. He is still young though. I'm so glad my turkey loves me! As soon as the weather turns nice again I'll have to take some pictures of us
and post them on here.
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