I though DH was going to have a heart attack when he saw


12 Years
Jun 12, 2007
how many eggs I have in the bator!!!!

All the girls I ordered from sent extras & I set 4 of my own....ended up with 49! would have had 50, but ds#3 dropped 1. Now he's trying to figure out what I'm going to do with so many!

These are for a couple of classes at my kids school & I wanted plenty to possibly hatch, just didn't mean to end up with 49!!!!! Anyway, I have another family that may take a few & after I pick my favorites, I will probably have to sell a few (boo hoo ) because we definitely don't have room for all those chicks!!!! We have 4 that are a year old & 3 in my living room that are 2-3 weeks old!!!

I just hope a BUNCH hatch - Dipsy Doodle Doo sent me a couple of surprises that I can't wait to see!

That could be a lot of chicks!
They are staggered slightly...17 went in Tuesday night and the other uh.....32 went in Wednesday night....

Trying to plan how to move them from the turner....do you think it would be ok to move the 1st set on day 18.5 and the other set on day 17.5?
I had the same problem yesterday. It was funny watching him count them. Then tonight when he came home he said, "The guys at work figure that with my luck not only will they all hatch, some will even be twins."
Hubby knows exactly howmany I have and he seems ok with it

As someone in a previous post somewhere said "he's a good enabler"
My DH is out of town and missed my first hatch:(, But as I was telling him about the amazing thng he was missing, he asked how many eggs I had collected for the next hatch!!!!!!!( Wow, I hadn't even thought about that yet!!!! ) so I hurried outside and started collecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He even volunteered to finish the loft in the barn!!!! (started 5 years ago) so I would have more room to put them!!!!
What a great enabler!!!!! ah, I mean hubby:love

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