I thought I had seen everything with my pigeons....

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    Oct 24, 2009
    I have been keeping a loft of various fancy pigeons for many years. They always surprised me now and aging by doing something they are not supposed to (according to the books).

    I have had same sex pairs, A hen with 3 mates, each with a different nest and she lays an egg in each nest in turn so has squabs of all ages growing up. I had a pair raising a chicken chick from an egg to adulthood as a bantam chicken put her egg in their nest without me knowing. They even followed the chick around and brooded in on the floor, and outside, just like a chicken!

    I have also has a super aggressive one that was MAD and attacked all other birds and my chickens.. and me!, /Some helping take care of other pairs young, super tame ones, super frightened ones, allsorts of other things.

    But today, checking the coop, I have a new situation. I have 2 females sharing the same nest, with 4 eggs, and one male mate between them. They are all getting on very peacefully and no fighting. In fact they seem to be very content with less brooding time to do between them! There is kind of one huge nest.. with 2 depressions in it.. and the birds spend their time shifting the eggs from one side to the other.. sometimes sharing odd numbers each.

    To date, my flock has behavior that I don't think I have seen in any other pigeons. They love SWIMMING. I mean properly swimming like a duck. Some will spend a long time simply floating relaxing on the pool, then wiggling slowly and using their legs to swim along. You could think they were a swan (as most of them are pure white). Some like to do the 'breast stroke' back to the sides when they want out, others simply fly out. They jump in and out for a long time, almost as if they are playing. Then go and sunbath on the patio. They have plenty of shallow water to bath in like a normal pigeon.. they like to use that to lay down in and go to sleep in the overflow current. But they still like a good swim.

    I think my pigeons live in pigeon heaven here lol.

    Anyone else have pigeons behaving 'out of the norm'?
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    I have had most of your experiences in one form or another.
    I have to admit however your


    I never even heard of before let alone experienced.
    Thanks for sharing jak2002003.
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    Oct 24, 2009
    Thanks... I will have to get a video of them swimming about in the pool and post here. They do look funny.
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