I Thought It Was A Dominique


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But now I'm not too sure. By two weeks (looking at other pics) there is obvious white in the feathers coming in (like with my Barred Rock). But after taking some close up shots of her today, I see brown striping! She has a dot on her head like a Barred Rock or Dominique, but no white. Any suggestions on what my little one might be? Could she be a Black Copper Marans? I don't recall seeing any Black Copper Marans chicks with dots on their heads. But she also looks like she might have a little brown around her face. I have another Marans chick who's a lot bigger and is feathering out quicker than this one (maybe a rooster?) and he/she looks nothing like this little one. If it turns out she is a Marans I'll have to give her a new name. She's currently called Kit but that is definitely not French enough! My other Marans is called Paresseux; it's French for lazy.

That's the side view of her. Can you see the brown striping?

Brown on her face.

And there's the infamous white spot. Thanks in advance everybody!
Whoa no - This looks like a Dominique to me. The comb is even correct.
If she were anything else, the comb would be single - And she wouldn't have the spot.
chickenlover54 – What’s an RC? I got it from a women who ordered it from a hatchery. She had Dominiques, Marans, Buff Orpingtons and a hodge podge mix. She had a ton of Black Copper Marans. What signs does it have that tell you it’s a rooster?

Illia – Would it have the brown feathering? My Barred Rock is already covered in barring (Though I’m sure different breeds feather differently).

Not being skeptical, I’m just curious! ^.^
Ooooohhhhh rose comb! After actually looking for that I do see the comb. So I guess it is a Dominique. I guess it's just weird to me it has no white yet. Thanks for pointing that out!

I still want to know the signs for the rooster. ^.^
I can instantly tell the sex of all barred varieties by the size and coloring of the spot on its head

Not sure about that. I had a Barred Rock roo that had 3 small scattered spots. I think the most reliable way to sex Doms and BR are the coloring of the legs, darker-hen, lighter-roo, and the size of the head, smaller and slender-hen and more robust-roo and once their feathers start coming in the pullets are darker and the roos are more grayish . I've been about 95% accurate with my chicks however I usually need others to compare them so I'm hesatant to make a judgement here but I'd lean toward it being a pullet.
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The Dominique I had originally gotten was from the same hatching but twice the size of this one. He looked like a rooster (he had that head shape and a "don't mess with me" look about him), had light legs and he had one large spot with a small spot behind it and some smudging on the back of his head. I went back to trade and out of all the chicks there this one had the smallest most concentrated spot. She also had nice dark legs, so I've been calling it a she. It's actually the smallest chick I have now. Compared to my one Buff Orpington (which I'm 90% sure is a rooster) she's itty bitty, and they're the same age. The Dominique's spot is actually smaller and more concentrated than my BR, which I ordered as a pullet, though they do make mistakes.

It'll be interesting to see what he/she turns out to be!

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