I try to breed my rabbits but they keep attacking each other...help?


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Orem, Utah.
I have a young female rabbit who I would like to breed. I got a buck who had been living in the wild for a few months and put her in with him. The first time they got in a fight and he bit her back. I tried again after 5 weeks of having their cages right next to eachother to get them used to each other but they fought again and he bit her near the same spot. Should I just stop trying and get a new buck or is there something I can do to make them breed?
How old is she? She might not be ready to be bred just yet. When mine don't want to breed, they either fight or she won't have anything to do with him.

Are you putting her in HIS cage? If you put him in hers, she's going to be territorial. Never bring the buck to the does cage.
Are you sure she is a she ??

Try early in the morning or in the evening.

when you say living in the wild...do you mean domestic bunny that was running wild, or a wild rabbit? A wild rabbit and domestic rabbit are actually two different species.
They could be different gender than you think. The female may be to young to breed. Try putting the cages where they can't see each other. She probably doesn't like the wild rabbit. There could be many things that explain why they aren't breeding. If the female doesn't want to breed she will get agitated and start biting him. Kind of sounds like (he) is a she.
yes or the buck is a wild rabbit......bucks fight bucks ,but not does. does not ready to breed will fight bucks.

make sure of the sexs, dont try if different rabbits type(wild).. place the doe in bucks cage if ready she will stand for him, if not try again next day.
try for three days straight...if she is old enought they will breed.
My doe is around 4-5 months old. And I'm sure they are different genders. When I say wild rabbit, I mean he was mine but his cage fell during the big wind storm and he got out and was free for a couple of months, he's great around humans and good around the guinea pigs but just hates her :( And YES I do take THE DOE to THE BUCK'S cage. I've bred rabbits before..

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