I turned down a trail ride Sunday...Why oh why?!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Chickerdoodle13, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Chickerdoodle13

    Chickerdoodle13 The truth is out there...

    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    My dad asked me if I wanted to go trail riding this past Sunday while I was home from college, but I had a handful of other things I wanted to do before going back to school so I told him I'd go when school was out for break. Now I regret I turned down the ride! It was in the 50's that day and soooo beautiful. Now it's freezing cold! And I'm a bit homesick. And all I can think about lately is riding!

    I don't get to ride much these days and I probably won't be able to ride much for the next few years in between grad school and work. I really miss the days when I was out there every day preparing for 4-H shows and what not! My dad recently retired and rides on trails or in the arena almost every day. I can certainly say I'm jealous!

    Anyone else in my position? If only I had more time to spend with my horses! Any day in the saddle is a good day for me. I really miss it!
  2. WhiteMountainsRanch

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    Jun 19, 2010
    San Diego, CA
    I used to have a horse, and boy oh boy do I miss him! I miss being able to just go out for hours and bond and trail ride, everything is so quiet and beautiful and I really felt at peace.
  3. welsummerchicks

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    Jul 26, 2010
    It's tough, definitely. I went through this too. But when you get education, then you get a better job and can afford horses, and are able to keep riding for years and years!
  4. michickenwrangler

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    Jun 8, 2008
    NE Michigan
    Yes, I started a new job this year.

    Last year I was a media center aid and taught basic Spanish to 2nd graders. Now I'm teaching--part time but between professional development, planning and grading, I don't have the time to ride as much as I used to.

    This past summer I think was the last hurrah for Izzie and myself and I'm glad we finished so high in the GLDRA and UMECRA standings because I don't think we'll be able to next year. I've got to take some grad classes through Eastern Michigan Univ.

    I want to get DD a horse because it will be easier for the two of us to ride, but we've got a lot of debt right now so it'll have to wait until it gets paid off. Maybe in another year or two.
  5. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Quote:2x I sure do miss having a horse or horses, the riding time.......(sigh)

    However I do not miss the expenses....it is expensive now to have a horse boarded and vet care. AND the increased prices of hay and grain.
  6. Arthur

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    Jul 7, 2010
    The true sad part is the time missed with your Dad. They are not around forever.
  7. dreamcatcherarabians

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    Jul 29, 2010
    Quote:I learned the hard way this summer not to ever turn down a chance to trail ride with or with out someone else. I got injured right in the beginning of the season, lost my favorite trail horse and now that I'm able to ride, my riding buddy is having soundness issues with her 2 horses. I have a new horse in training but obviously won't be the same as riding my BTDT horse who knew me, and I knew him, better than either of us knows ourself.

    And I agree with Arthur too, don't waste time you could spend with your dad. Mine was never 'horsey' like yours, but I sure do miss him and all the missed opportunities.
  8. herefordlovinglady

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Quote:Sadly, this was my first thought. We all get so dang busy. I live away from my mom, and there were times I would not go home to see her because I was so busy -- Now, screw it, I want to see and I am going every chance I get, i am very fortunate she is still here.

    my new motto in life: There is Have to do, Need to do and Want to do -- I am skipping the Have to and Need to and going straight for the Want to.
  9. joyous

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    Oct 3, 2009
    Davenport, Iowa
    I completely understand! This year has been so busy, I did not ride a lot either! How great that you grew up with horses and you have such a great dad that enjoys your hobby too! I dreamed of having a horse as long as I can remember, and then finally got one when I was in my 40s, life is short, so lets all make a pact to not turn down any more trail rides!
  10. Chickerdoodle13

    Chickerdoodle13 The truth is out there...

    Mar 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Quote:Don't worry guys, I spend a lot of time with my immediate family. I'm always doing something with my mom or dad. Sometimes it's very hard to be away from them when I am away at school. Now that my dad is home all the time on retirement, we have a lot more time to spend together. When I'm not running around like a mad person with the ambulance squad or whatever else, you'll find me sitting with either or both of my parents on the front porch having coffee or wine. I'm very lucky that my parents have become very close friends to me now that I'm older. My dad and I go riding together quite a bit, so there are very few opportunities missed there. I'm also very lucky we share that in common because it makes it easy to spend time together.

    Now I have a whole month ahead of me to spend time with my family and I'm just hoping we don't all get sick of each other! LOL My dad will be stuck inside the house when the weather gets bad, so we'll have to keep the movie supply fresh and hope he doesn't go stir crazy! This will be his first winter as a retired man!

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