I want more chickens!


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Southeastern Ohio
Okay, totally not the plan. The plan is get chickens this spring (did that), finish coop and runs (runs will be done by labor day, they are free ranging in evening until run is complete). I want dominiques (cute and good egg layers) and some more production reds or black star because I found out, while I like pretty birds, I really like getting consistant eggs from my birds. I am not replacing, just adding, I found a huge egg market, we have room, and I think I want more.

So, I had too much time at work last two days, and have been not only surfing this site, but also looking at hatcheries. Bad, bad, bad. So, I thought my husband would talk me out of new birds, I called him on way home from work yesterday and said, "I want more birds" and he says, "okay, let's get some." I said "No no no, you are supposed to say no!" He says, "Ooooh, I am so angry you asked for new birds, absolutely not -- he is laughing by now -- . . . . . unless you want them." (He always has a hard time saying no to me, and truth be known he has become enamored with the girls we have too. He is an egg selling machine at his work, they snap up eggs and beg for more at 4 bucks a dozen.

Today, I am glad I resisted, that and the local hatchery is out of production reds for 2011. So, I will wait and get birds this spring, with the plan, and work on getting through the first winter with birds.

That is the right thing right? I know chicken math. We are getting rid of 7 roosters next week, so, I could get some dominiques for an arm and a leg at my pet chicken. . . . .
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That is a good idea. You should know what your getting into. I have 14 chickens right now. I'm about to get some more. Keeping the water from freezing and keeping the chickens warm has been the hardest thing (we don't have a barn

Good luck with your chickens!
Oh, Lordy. My original first chicks will be two years old the first of October. I raised 'em in a brooder in the bathroom, as I did with almost all of those I've gotten (purchased as chicks or as hatching eggs, which I incubated), but they had to be kept in the bathroom longer because they were hatched in the Fall. Too cold to put them outside without supplemental heat until late January.

If that's not a problem for you, go for it.

This past year, I went in on an order from a hatchery so I could finally get some Buckeyes; just got five, through Ideal. But I also ordered a Toulouse gosling pair. A month later I bought the 25 large fowl pullet special from MPC.

Whenever I see another chick sale, through MPC, or Ideal, or Murray McMurray, I wanna buy more chickens!
I WANT more also.. i feel.. like a crimmal.
lol but i have to wait until next spring. Need another coop/run and a new flock from chicks b/c i don't want to bring anything bad into my current flock. Still not sure if i have a rooster, they are going to be 17 weeks old on the 10th.. i am hoping i do. I really want a rooster so BAD!!! but i don't want to bring any sickness or diseases in. *sigh* I don't have a place to keep a chicken away from them either.. so i will wait.. must wait!!
We got our first chicks this summer, and I am dying to get some more! But, we aren't zoned for them, so the 5 we have are already contraband. But I have a very long wish list of breeds I want...maybe I can squeeze three more in without my neighbors caring?
who doesn't want more? I started with a mere 5 from the feedstore, that will do it I thought, then a neighbor said, oh, you like chickens, I'll bring you some, now I have...wait a minute....@50? Something like that, believe me, you will get more..it is just a matter of time

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