I want to get buckeye chicks, how to integrate if at all?


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Mar 16, 2009
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Our flock of 10 is 1 1/2 years old now. I dont want to get a rooster and have chicks with them because I would like to get buckeyes next and possibly have a rooster with them so we can populate by ourselves. Knowing more now I feel the buckeyes would suit us best here in ohio. Heres the problem, I dont want to just cull our flock to get the chicks when we do but I dont know how to do it really if we only have one coup and one run. Is this at all possible or am I looking at a situation where it would be best to put the current flock in the freezer to make it work? I could partition off part of the run and make a small basic coup for new chicks while they are growing up since it would be in the spring but would they get along with my old flock? I just need some advise I suppose, some ideas as to what would be best.
If you are not in a big rush, and are reasonably happy with your current flock, I would find a buckeye chicken lady, and then wait until one of your current hens went broody. If you don't have a breed that goes broody, such as a BO, then it might not work for you.

When you get a hen that is broody, get the buck-eye eggs and let her hatch out the chicks. Mine sat on the eggs in the current coop, our nests are too small to let two hens in at one time, and she was too tough for anyone to bother. I locked out the other hens (it was July) for 30 hours while the chicks hatched, then I let the layers out to free range and unlocked the coop, put a box on the floor on its side, and let them all together. She did a fine job raising them, there have been no reintroduction issues, other than an occasional thump. My chicks are 10 weeks old and have been with the main flock since day 3.

Worked great for me, my laying hens were about 14 months old when the chicks hatched.

It is just an idea for a solution, if you have time to wait til you get a broody.
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I like the story mrs. k! Thats sounds like it worked so well for you. Im not sure if any of my hens are/will be broody. Some seem to like to sit in the box for a while but who knows.

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