I want to setup and sell broilers in Gainesville, FL


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I have read most of the rules and regs about the sales of the chickens in Florida but i might have missed a few major components unknown at this time. Can anyone give me any good suggestions to get the word out besides craigslist? Not really wanting to do the 20,000 birds a year bit more along the lines of 400-500 birds raised in A-frame pasture styled. Just starting out so I am very open to suggestions. My venture into selling farm eggs is going strong with everything I produce going out as sales already looking to expand that operation.

I am hoping to integrate the chickens into pasture lands and raise beef cattle or bison on alternating years after the chickens have been on those pastures.
from Ocala
I will be butchering my first batch of 25 CX's on Sunday. I am selling 15 of the 25. I started with talking to close friends and relatives. I have a waiting list for when I start back up in the spring. I did run an ad on CL out of curiosity and got a sale.

Sounds like you have somewhat of a customer base already with the laying hens? You should just take the plunge, get on-line and order 2 dozen broiler chicks. Start small, run a batch and see how you like it. I have enjoyed the experience immensely other than the 2 deaths.
Welcome from Ocala.
I get asked for fresh chicken from friends.
PM me your number and I will pass it around.
You may even get one of my best egg customers...she quit us when we got a rooster.

Get the word out to...yes, I am serious,... homeschool groups. They are very organic and wholesome. I don't really fit in, I eat what I have when I have it.

But I will tell the heads of the groups that I belong to, and it will pass around. Good luck with your venture!
we started with a group of about 25... i suggest most new people starting out stick with that number.

with 25 we talked it up among friends etc. sell a few to 2 or 3 friends as a "test" soon word of mouth spreads and you get more orders. The smaller group allows for smaller startup costs and if you only sell a few, you can eat that number yourself in ~6months while you work on developing your market better for your second batch.
I have about 10 birds already pre sold but I made sure to warn them the birds would not be the 59 cent a pound they find in the grocery store. That cost caused a bit of a grumble but they are willing to try it. idk I just am trying to find a profitable way to expand my hobby with out the wife telling me I've lost it!

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