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Apr 27, 2010
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But I'm having problems picking breeds! Theres so many pretty chickens out there!

I'm definitely going to keep Black Copper Marans, maybe in a funky color. I love that pretty egg color, and overall their nice sized birds and the two roo's that I have are quite sweet.

I was also thinking a nice Bantam breed and a duck breed to compliment my regular egg layers. I've kept Silkies, a Japanese Bantam, and Sebrights. I currently have one Sebright cockerel and one pullet, but their hatchery quality. I'm probably going to sell the cockerel at the end of the month. What are your guys general Bantam experiences? I'd like a bird that sells well, has a generally good personality, and will look pretty in my yard
Silkies perhaps?

As for ducks....I really have no idea. At the moment I have Rouens, Pekins, and Khaki Campbells. I was thinking breeding only Rouens, maybe Pekins, since I have at least one drake. The Khaki's are really just for eggs
I have to admit, there some of my favorite little ducklings. Brave lil' guys, there the first to come over to eat out of your hand. Just too cute!

I'm not looking for $500 dollar birds, just some nice ones to satisfy my chick/duckling cravings and to help on the feed bill (which is why I'm looking for something that sells reasonably well). My 'regular egg birds' consist of Delawares and Welsummers, plus a Bantam hen, another hen who's breed I can't remember to save my life at the moment, and a lil' buff Bantam cross pullet (I also have a roo, but he'll be sold soon).


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Oct 3, 2008
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But I'm having problems picking breeds! Theres so many pretty chickens out there!

I hear ya!!! My goal this year is to narrow my focus to only the birds I most love and want preserve and breed. So hard to downsize!

I look for birds that are in danger of going extinct. Check the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy http://www.albc-usa.org/

I personally don't care for silkies and wouldn't trust them running free range in my yard. There fluffy feathers are susceptible to getting wet and dirty, which makes them ugly. How about preserving Nankins or Sultans?

For ducks, I'd work with your Khaki Campbells since they are popular and are great layers.

Welsummers sell well and are great to work with.

Marans comes in Blue and Wheaten which I find to be nice colored birds in the yard.

Best wishes.​

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