i want turkeys but my dad says no

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9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
are any ones turkeys stinky or nasty??? i have always wanted some and their is a man up the road from me that wants to give me some but my dad keeps telling me no cause they stink is this true?
Turkeys don't stink, but their coop might get smelly if it's not well-taken care of. If you are used to taking care of chickens, it's about the same thing except they are bigger. You might visit the man up the road with your dad and see how he keeps them.

But I think the biggest concern with you getting turkeys is ... do you have the time to take care of them? do you have money to buy feed for them? do you have the a coop, and enough space for the turkeys?

If your answer is no to any of the above, get someone to advise you, or you could join a 4-H group or a poultry club in your area.
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i have several chickens and i rake their pen weekly. he just lets his run free but he told me to pen it up for a couple of weeks and then i could let them loose to run with my guineas. will they fit in my chicken coop that is in my isolation pen it is pretty big?

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