i was crowing with my chickens and then the coyotes started...........


10 Years
Jan 6, 2010
southern ohio
i was outside about 7:30 this morning with my chickens.they were not crowing so i thought maybe if i crow they'll start.well i started crowing and then they joined me but then i had some un-wanted noises coming from the woods down by my pond.


so i stopped but they kept barking and howling and did so for about 5 minutes after i stopped.while i was still outside i went over to the coop to shut the door so that the ones that were still in the coop would live.i really hope the ones that are outside wont die.there's i think about 10 chickens (6 standard and 4 bantams),4 guineas,and 1 peacock out of the coop.im not so much worried about the peacock guineas and banties as i am the standards because they cant fly.i dont think they'll come up to the yard but you never know.i dont have a gun right now so what do i do if they come up to the yard.im terrified of coyotes.i am so scared of them it aint even funny.and i dont know why.im not as much scared for me as i am for my chickens you know?yikes!what can i do?

p.s. the pic was taken after we got the big snow.its now blue skies,sunny,and alot of the snow is gone.
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I would think making as much noise as possible would be a good way to keep them away. Have any firecrackers? Most wild animals are scared of any loud boom or threatening noises. If no firecrackers, maybe hitting a metal tub with a stick. You get the idea, loud, threatening noises.
We have lots of coyotes around here and they do a lot of howling and yipping, sometimes in answer to human speech or shouts. I have seen them even in broad daylight "checking out" the herd of cattle in the field. Have never lost a single critter to them though in well over 20 years. Coyotes mostly eat mice and rabbits and an occasional newly born fawn. I also keep horses and a couple of standard donkeys. The donkeys are very aggressive canide haters and have been known to kill coyotes, raccoons and 'possums by striking them with their front hooves. They are frequently used as guard animals for flocks of sheep around here. I think your chickens are safe but if you are really worried, then give a donkey a home
I love donkeys. Would a miniature work. Idk?
This is the first time I have heard them in a very long time. Maybe the middle of last year. I haven't seen a coyotes since then also. I saw some tracks yesterday but haven't heard or seen one in a long time.
I had a problem with foxes and coyotes until i got a llama and mini donkeys 10 years ago. Last week a few coyotes got on my property and got a few ducks. I was shocked. First time in 10 years. The donkeys even went after a porcipine last year. That was a $150. vet bill.
We have coyotes here in Southern Indiana too. When its nice out, I like to sleep with the windows open, you can hear them howling... its kinda creepy!
We have them around us too, year round and we have no more rabbit either, or very few. I use to have about 7 rabbits running around the pasture and garden area, and they have been gone for a long time. The coyotes we see are fat too, so they are eating something. They sound so lonesome and forlorn, but I know they can be an issue. That is why we have great pyrs around the Alpacas, and a very good fence.
I live on 12 acres in the middle of suburbia. The coyotes on our proper are NOT afraid of loud noises (radios are useless), in fact they take advantage of it. If the tractor is roaring or the properties around us are buzzing with activity, it never fails, that is when the coyote makes her move. Ours are fearful of people, but at the same time not afraid to trot down the driveway or to be 20 yards away from you if it means dinner is close by. The good news is that we seem to only get hit during the spring (April/May) when the mama coyotes are trying to feed their young. That's when they'll kill three at a time.

This year I'm hoping to be more prepared. Unfortunately, it means keeping the girls in their coop or in a run next to the house for those months. They will NOT be happy. But if it means not contributing to next years coyote population, we'll all buckle down and do it.

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