I was offered a free bag of chick starter....


8 Years
Dec 4, 2011
Princeton, MN
So here is the story. My cousin's boyfriend works at a feed store and they recieved a shipment of chickstarter that had mealworms in it. The feedstore decided to give away all the bags for free- no limits as to how many you take. I am getting chicks on February 20th so I don't know how good the feed will be by then since it has worms in it. Would you take it if you weren't going to have chicks for over a month?
That is GREAT! I would gladly take a bag full of mealworm filled chicken feed. Extra protein. Just throw it in a big bin with air holes in the top and raise mealworms. When you have chicks, filter out the worms for the first couple weeks and then when they are old enough for mealworms, give them the feed just as it is?

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