I was protected by a rooster

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    I have a red rooster that I posted about 3-4 months ago that I wanted to ring his neck. I waited, thinking if he was a few weeks older, better eats. However, he turned all gentlemanly with me and the girls and has been chosen as the ONE to stay while the other cockerals go to "freezer camp."

    We have several other cockerals, including a golden sebright that has been called every name by my husband and I EXCEPT golden sebright as his little 1.5 pound self attacks us. We are taking all the cockerals out together in a week or two (except red) as I have someone who is willing to teach me the art of butchering.

    This morning as I changed coop water, the little stinker sebright again came after me (I was bent over and don't like how close to my face he was). I connected with my hand as I swatted him away and knocked him back a few feet. Red the Rooster came running and picked him up and threw him again [​IMG] as he began to charge at me the second time! I love that darn red rooster! My husband told me similar happened to him while I was at work a few days ago.

    Any of you who have a spunky 13 week old rooster you are thinking of taking to the deep freeze, 2 weeks made a big difference and he is an awesome 6 month old cockeral that I am pleased is part of our flock, the rest of them are going for a llllooonnnnggg hike.
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    Glad it worked out for both of you.
    I am always telling people rooster can be great.
    Sounds like you have a great one!

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