I was thinking of hatching my own eggs?


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Aug 26, 2013
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yeah, we've recently had a few pekins and a silkie.. we had 2 silkies but one passed the other day at a terribly young age..
ANYWAY lets not talk about that haha
but I was thinking of buying a Silkie egg and possibly some other eggs, because I really want a baby silkie to raise but i'm then faced with the chance of it being a cockerel haha
do you think I should try?
also could anyone send me some links to some things I should know before even trying to start hatching my own eggs? like books or online websites or something.
please and thank you :3
also linking things like good accessories to have ready for the hatching and stuff and what sort of food they would/should be eating from hatching, is there a special type of food I'd have to get for them?
This article is very good:


It should tell you everything you need to know. Feed wise: get them some chick starter crumbs. You can buy medicated or non-medicated, it's your choice. The medicated starter contains small amounts of drugs, usually amprolium which is a thiamine blocker and helps prevent coccidiosis. It's not a complete preventative though. Chicks can still get cocci even when fed medicated starter, but it does help their resistance to the disease.

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