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Apr 25, 2011
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Ok so my chicks are little over 3/4 months an I have purchased a 30 pound feeder that's hanging an they love it but some of them pick throug it an waste a lot of food y r they doin it an how can I make then stop if possible Thanks
Mine were doing that with crumbles and I switched to pellets and it stopped. My feeder also is slightly adjustable to lower the cylinder into the tray to allow less feed out at once and has also helped.
Chickens are messy, they hunt through their feed to find the best morsels. I don't think there is any way to really stop the behaviour.
Thank you both. I'm just finishin up the rest of my chicke starter/grower ima try pellets an see what happens. Any suggestions on what brand an kind like scratch corn ? Or anything
There are hundreds of brands of feeds and thousands of opinions on what is best. I had a local brand of pellets that just smelled bad and had too much powder in it. Went back to Layena for a couple of dollars more and the chickens like it. Pick one with good protein % and if you don't like it, get another. Scratch is a good treat, but not enough protein and calcium and such for egg layers.
Raise the feeder to a level that they can just reach into. I keep mine to just above their backs.
Thanks. I will try the higher feeder. Cause it's slot of food they are wasten an I'm gointo try pellets

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