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    Buying shipped eggs is a crap shoot. If the seller packages them well, sends them in a timely manner and is responsible on their end in every way, they are done. They are not responsible for the PO, the way they are handled after they leave their house. Also there is no way possible for a seller to know if the eggs are fertile. If they have an active rooster, they can ASSUME they are fertile, but there is not way for them to know for sure that THOSE EGGS have been fertilizer.

    Buyers of shipped eggs, please give the sellers a break. They don't have crystal balls or ESP or anything like that.

    Off my soap box now.
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    I'd like to add to this Debi if you don't mind. Check those thermometers with a backup thermometer. The one's that come with new incubators are junk. Believe me on this. Take my heartache and learn from it. Invest a little extra in a nice little digital thermometer/hygrometer to measure accurate temps and humidity throughout incubation. This will reduce sadness at the end when "nothing happens". Good luck to all those new to trying incubating. It is not always frustrating and can be a lot of fun once you learn the tricks to the addiction. [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Amen, and amen!!

    I think it's important to everyone buying and selling to remember:

    We all want hatching success because it makes sellers look good and thus a potential repeat seller, and buyers get more addicted! No one wants this to be a failure.

    There is often more one can learn on either end, but we need to be kind and help each other.
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    OK. I purchased eggs this year from a person who packed well in an egg carton, and then twisted a long piece of plastic into a rope like thing. Put one end of the plastic on one end of the box, spiraled the plastic once around the egg carton, but the carton in a box, and then shoved the other end of the plastic on the end of the egg carton, and taped it up. During shipping one end of the plastic came loose and the egg carton was sliding around in the box back and forth with lots of room to rattle around in. Every single air cell was detached, but the shells were intact. I complained about the pack job and she said to bad so sad the shells were intact so she packed fine goodbye and had a big attitude about it, too. I have a very good brinsea incubator and actually got one to hatch.

    How would you feel about that seller? Was she correct in her assessment of the transaction? Did she handle her end of the transaction? I really do want ya'll's opinion on this, and I want to know if you think I'm wrong to be unhappy with this seller.
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    Quote:Sounds to ME..that the eggs were NOT packaged right.. if the eggs can slide all around in the box... they arent packed right. IMO
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    One of the things that burns my butt is when a seller (I'm a seller and a buyer, too!) says, "My eggs are/were fertile when they left here." Sellers stop saying that. You have absolutely NO WAY of knowing that! You can ASSUME that your eggs are fertile but stop saying that you KNOW your eggs were fertile when they left your home.

    I hear, on a daily basis, how no one wants to purchase shipped eggs any more because they have run into one or two bad sellers. Give us GOOD ones a chance, please. We're not ALL bad!

    <jumping down off of Debi's soap box>

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    If they regularly hatch, then they have a good idea of if the eggs were fertile or not.

    What burns MY butt is people incubate for a couple weeks then claim they can tell the eggs were initially infertile.

    Like hell I say... and I don't even sell hatching eggs and it still leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth.
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    Quote:First Thank you Debi !! [​IMG]

    Next ..Brindle- I find it my responsibility as a seller to make sure there is no way possible that the eggs could move in that box-once the eggs are bubble wrapped placed in egg carton and carton taped shut with very sticky packing tape or masking tape or darn at least taped reall gooood-then stuff to the hill stuffing around it-nothing is moving or jarring that carton of eggs-except movement from the PO picking up and down and jostling around-I would be upset If I recieved eggs like you-I have recieved eggs like this and got the too bad so sad bit too, most were severly broken and yolky-Never again from them. Havent had any eggs shipped since-oh wait I have but they were perfect from C and J:)
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    Quote:ahhhh DITTTOOOOO!!! I had that a time or two and I was irritated as heck as I sent 26 eggs and 24 grew!! They told me 2 werent fertile?? Um maybe but I agree stop saying that line!!

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