Icelandic and Hedemora Colors


Dec 29, 2017
Northern, NH
Hey all!

We have some Icelandics that are about 3 months old and have a few hatchlings. They're from a few different breeders. We also purchased a small group of young Hedemoras.

I was wondering if these breeds follow the typical color genetics where they're bred with such color diversity? I'm assuming you'd get a variety of colors from chicks from the same pair of parents because of hidden genes?
I don't know for sure, but guessing from the Icelandic horses and sheep: Icelandic chickens probably have a lot of the genes we're used to seeing, and maybe a few more that no-one's got figured out yet.

Many colors of chicks from the same parents: almost certainly.
My Icelandics are all different colors. We have a salmon colored pullet, and a cockerel that is silver based with blue and fawn (?) markings. Our two unsexed youngsters are lavendar and I'm guessing some form of red based on the flock it came from.

I wish it was spring already!

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