Icelandic cockerel


Rebuilding my Farm
9 Years
Dec 30, 2010
Sparta, MI
I have a Icelandic rooster to sell. He was this year's hatch, and are disease free as far as I know. Go to this thread for more info on Icelandics. He is for breeding Icelandic hens, not any OTHER breeds, or you can have him as yard decoration, not breeder. Those of us active in the preservation of the Icelandics do not cross them with any other breed. The goal of preservation is to keep them unique right down to their DNA which is still reported to be 78% the same as it was when the Vikings brought them to Iceland 1000 years ago.

I can ship, and can do pick-up too.
Shipping is only an estimate. Actual shipping cost will be based on shipping from 49345 to your location for a bird and the cost of the shipping box. I have paypal.
Thanks for looking.
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