Idea for providing predator protection and green grass in one

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    Nov 30, 2013
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    I wanted to run this idea by anyone listening to see if this seems like a good idea. I currently lay wire outside the perimeter of the run to foil any burrowing predators. I was thinking about adding a box with wire over it inside the run to allow for some grass to grow and survive (letting the birds pick the blades off that come through). If I build a 2 ft inside perimeter and put wire over it, that should serve both purposes, don't you think? Any predators that dig under will come up in a tight spot with no way into the main run. I can grow grass under the wire and the birds will keep it trimmed and fertilized.

    My initial plan is to do this on the peacock and turkey pens, but maybe some chicken runs too. Any flaws in my plan?
    If anyone has built boxes to grow grass in their runs, do you have suggestions as to height, wire size/type, and what to plan under the wire? My current plan is 3.5 inches high (2x4 on it's side), 1/2 inch hardware cloth for wire, and tall fescue for the grass.
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    Here's a great link to grazing frames:

    I have a couple and love them! I recently saw a nice modification where the sides were 2x4's and the top was it's own frame made w/ 1x2's, hardware cloth added, then hinged to the 2x4 frame. I like that idea because it would be a lot easier to replant, rake etc by lifting a "lid" instead of moving the entire frame. next time...

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    That's my favorite link for grazing frames, am going to build some in the spring.
    Thinking of using a larger mesh for plants with wider leaves than grasses have.
    1" x 1" and maybe try some chicken wire too.

    Plan to lift up the frames for a few hours every few weeks, so they can get at the bugs hiding underneath and to keep any thatch from building up.

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