ideal 236??????

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  1. hsm5grls

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    Oct 3, 2007
    I just ordered my plymouth rock chicks
    4 barred
    3 buff
    3 partridge
    4 white
    1 partride male
    I've noticed in a few posts about warmers and 236 what dose that mean? I don't want more than one rooster so is a warmer a cockerel they just put in to keep them warm? Hope this doesnt sound like a dumb question.
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  2. ZuniBee

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    May 8, 2007
    Zuni, Virginia
    I ordered 7 Ideal 236's just for the white eggs.

    Ideal 236 is a breed cross layer developed by Ideal Poultry in the 1960's and is the most productive, efficient layer sold by Ideal. They are known for their production of large, smooth-shelled, white eggs. This breed cross has excellent hybrid vigor, and the specific combination of breeds has produced a bird with excellent livability and the ability to lay for a long period of time without molting.

    They are very nice birds...white with a few small black spots

    I got my first white egg three days ago and have been getting one every day since. They are only 18 weeks old. I really like the 236's.

    The warmers from Ideal are usually extra chicks that are put in small orders to keep them warm enough for shipment. They are usually straight run. I got three in my order...all of which turned out to be pullets. Guess they could have been roos just as easy.​
  3. Davaroo

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Leesville, SC
    "Warmers" are usually males of almost any breed, which are indeed placed in the shipping container to help keep the warm bunch warm.

    When people order only pullets, guess where the males end up? That's just one way the hatchery uses them. I would imagine they also toss in females of overrun hatches and breeds. There are probably others, some of which we may not wish to hear about...

    Ive never ordered hatchery chicks, so this is what Ive heard or read. I've always hatched my own or obtained them from other people.
  4. plecostrum

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    May 6, 2010
    lolol i would be quite annoyed if i had any cockerels of any description warmers or not dont they have them plastic heat packs lolol mine are definately pets for now no cockerels allowed. Ive never seen anywhere in the uk that sells chicks. There was a auction today and a hen with 8 chicks went for £11.00 i stopped at £10.50. i brought a cheap broody for £5 instead but darn shes noisy lol its a laced wyandotte bantam i think.

    I would like to raise a few for eating next year with sustainability in mind just think it be nice to try a homegrown bird.

    dellaware i have never heard off it looks like a sussex??

    and the ideal236 what is that??

    Here in the UK there maybe a different name for them.

    I would like some ideas for a quick growing meat bird.

    As far as layers go my sisters has orps but her leghorn is the best layer of white eggs she is a daily. the orpingtons i would imaging would taste pretty good as they are extremely big girls.


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