Ideal is replacing the DOA


9 Years
Jan 21, 2011
Hernando, FL
Well I am happy with Ideal's customer relations. I left a message and had it returned with 5 mins. They are replacing my DOA and adding some extra warming peanuts to the gang... which I find exciting ...

Thanks everyone for the support while I was anxiously waiting.
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You'll be fine...just remember you'll get the lovely free male packing peanuts to go with your new ones...will need to pay for insurance if you don't want them, or else find homes for them. List them on Craigslist for free, I bet you'll get some ppl willing to take them!
There is another thread going about this same question. Consensus is that about a week age difference should be okay to integrate. Just watch them for anyone getting picked/trampled on. I would recommend having a separate brood area to recover our chicks after you unpack the youngest batch. Give them a day or so to perk up before you put them in with your week old feisty chicks. Good Luck. I don't think that you need to cancel.
Ideal is wonderful at replacing or refunding for chicks. They have great customer service. I have put week olds with day olds before and all did fine. I have even put younger bantams with older LF and they did good. With the bantams I did put a see through barrier in the brooder for a couple of days before I let them all together. They did good.
Thank you, I changed my wording because I saw a few other post with the same concerns as

They should be fine and I might keep a couple roosters If I get any buff orpingtons or something neat.

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