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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Rasuka, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Rasuka

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    I have already placed an order of 6 chicks from MPC.
    However, my city limit of chicken is 7.
    I have recently taken intrest in the Black Tailed, White Japanese Bantam.
    Ideal Poultry was the only one that I could find that carried the BTW Japanese Bantam.
    But sadly they only give you Straight Runs... What I wanted to shoot for was a hen.
    I don't mind getting 3 and keeping the one hen and giving the others away.
    Even if I do get 3 hens (which I doubt). That would be passing my city's limit.
    But I do have a cousin who would love to take the extras off my hands once they grow up.

    When I proceeded to the check out.
    I saw that it said my minimum order is 25.00.. As in chicks I'm assuming.
    Does that mean they would send me 3 Jap Bantams and 22 random packing peanuts?
    If so, I can't order from them. I tried looking for their e-mail address but I don't use OutLook.
    So I can't see their e-mail.
  2. JulieNKC

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    Their minimum order is $25 worth of poultry, not 25 chicks. If you just want one japanese hen, you might have better luck looking for one on craigslist or try to find a poultry show or swap near you. Or, order $25 worth of them from ideal and sell the others.
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    The email is [email protected] or just give them a call. They are very nice to speak to.

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