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  1. GothChick

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    Sep 5, 2010
    So I am SOOO happy with Ideal. Originally I was going to order from Meyer but when I called to ask them some questions that lady on the phone was really rude and didn't help at all. Her basic reply for everything was "I don't know, I just work in the office." Well maybe they should have someone that does know. After my phone call with Meyer, I decided to call Ideal and ask the exact same questions. They were very helpful and friendly. I ended up ordering 25 Surprise Special Pullets, 4 "Ameraucanas", 1 Buff Laced Polish, and 1 White Crested Blue Polish. Then the next day I called to add another 25 of the Surprise Special Pullets.

    The chicks hatched and were shipped on 07/06 and I received them 07/08. Shortly after arriving and getting put into the brooder 4 of the Surprise chicks died and then 2 more tiny chicks died throughout the weekend. I also could not find my 4th "Ameraucana" chick. I called them right away Friday to let them know that I was missing a chick and that the 4 had died. They told me to wait the four days and then call to report the ones that died and my missing chick. So I called today and they were so friendly and helpful once again. They are sending me new chicks on the 13th and are going to mark the extra roosters that will be included for warmth during shipping.

    I was so pleased with the way they handled everything and I think that the survival rate was really good for the amount of chicks I received. I also received almost 40 different looking chicks out of an assortment of 50. Some of the breeds I know I got were, Black Langshans, Salmon Faverolles, Buff Brahmas, Campines, Australorps, Orpingtons, Rocks, and many others! I bought the assorted chicks for local people that also wanted chicks but only were allowed 6-8 hens in town. These chicks made so many families happy! I would absolutely order from Ideal again and am already planning my next order for next summer. [​IMG]

    Thanks Ideal for being so helpful and sending so many different, adorable, chicks!
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    Apr 30, 2011
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    I have found dealing with Ideal to be very easy they were so easy to work with. [​IMG] They seemed knowledgeable about their chicks , I will definitely order from them again every chick arrived alive & continue to thrive. [​IMG] This has not always been the case with some of the other hatcheries. Their customer service was such a surprise to me & more than a releif to me. There are so many to deal with out there. For the most part my flocks is complete they should be able to maintain their numbers on their own at this point I hope. [​IMG] We are considering getting some of their broilers for freezer camp this fall.But SO has to get an area built for them . ( which he is working on ). I would reccomend Ideal to anyone looking for getting started chicks , myself I am not looking to get into breeding & such. I was looking at just getting some chickens for eggs & meat so both of our flocks at this point are dual purpose birds. [​IMG]
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    Jun 27, 2011
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    I too was very happy with Ideal.

    I ordered 20 chicks total. When I picked them up I was missing one silkie. One chick was very lethargic and I didn't think would make it. There was one more than had a bum leg but it was on the way to being fixed when another chick accidentally drowned it in the water bowl [​IMG] It was the prettiest one too

    BUT: I called the same day I got them about the missing chick and the lethargic one and they said they would refund my money for both chicks. The lady was very nice and since I'm new to chickens and couldn't tell which ones were which as far the lethargic chick went, she just refunded me for one of the more expensive chicks. The rest of my chicks are doing great, very lively and already learning to come when I call, "Chickies! Chickies!"

    Very happy with Ideal
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    Apr 25, 2010
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    ordered from ideal last week, i ordered 100 bantams, i recieved 107. lost 35 between shipping and the first 4 days. coalled them up with death total everyday. today THEY called me and asked how they were doing and i gave them a final total. the lady said they will have 50 more en route on wednesday.

    thats what i call excellent service.

    i reccomend ideal hatcheries to everyone

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