Ideas for a 6x6 coop


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Feb 3, 2009
Hope Mills, NC
So I can't decide on a design. I've been going through options. I like Msbear's Nags Head. Also I like the Cluckington Palace. This is sort of kinda not really a mesh of them with my own boredom thrown in. This was made on paint, so bear with me. The windows would be plexiglass hinged with hardware cloth covering opening. May be a little tricky to make, but in 3 days it is summer!!! a vent at the top of each side above the cleaning doors. A hanging feeder and waterer. Hardware mesh for the floor, so I can take the hose and wash it out. I've built a lot of coops, and my favorite has wire floor. In the winter, I use vinyl to cover the floor to stop the wind. The coop will be about a foot off the ground, and on those big wheels. Sorry I'm not good with terms. Figure the coop will be 4' (5 counting legs) and 6' square. Peak going up about 16". Not sure on that. 4x4s for the 4 corners and 2x4s for pretty much everything else. Internal nesting boxes. I figured 36 feet for 7 chickens would leave enough space for feeder and such. So let me know what you think. I know I'm making a lot of "I need your opinion posts, and I'm REALLY sorry. Trying to find designs I like

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