Ideas for Waterer with a Small Footprint

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Jun 6, 2011
Rhode Island

This is our first year with chickens and we have three little critters outside in our coop. The koop itself is small one that we got from My Pet Chicken (3-4 chicken saltbox - link ). Because of the size, we have always kept using the quart-sized waterer and feeder that we started with when they were chicks. I looked into a bigger water, but the 2-3 gallon waterers are just too big and will take up too much space in the run.

Does anyone have any suggestions or homemade systems that might be able to hold more water/food without being too big to take up valuable space in the run?

Thanks in advance!

I use waterer cups like this:

The cups take up almost no room and allow you to keep the water bucket outside the coop for easy filling.
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