ideas on how to break a hen from going broody

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May 22, 2009
My barred rock hen has decided its time to set on eggs. She does this every spring and I have given in in the past. Shes a great hen mom but since I have 1 week old chicks shes a bit too late.

Any ideas on how to break her of this? I tried ice cubes under her once, but she just hunkered down on them and wouldn't give them back.

Last night I had to take her out of the nest box and put her on the roost.

Any one have a success story to share for me to try??

We have been overrun with broodies. The growling silkie hens took over all the nest boxes - wreaking havoc! Soooo, we are putting them out in the yard - in a tractor - for several hours each day. We were able to break the broodiness of one silkie and one showgirl with this tactic. We also helped two new mamas get over being with their new chicks, when we needed to brrod the chicks away from them.
Put them in a hanging cage with a wire bottom. Give her food and water, but no nesting materials, just a wire bottom. It usually takes 2-4 days or so. It works for me just about every time. Good luck. It's definitely that time of year.

Caging her is definitely your best option.

Check out my new Broody Jail:


It's a remodeled rabbit hutch that we got for free! Split down the middle to accomodate 2 different broodies, with nothing in there but a roost and food and water. Love it!
Send your broodies to me. I have had chickens for three years now and never have I had One stinkin broody hen!!!! Do I sound bitter!!! ha
Awww, I'm sorry tink. They really are a pain in the you know what though. If you don't break it early they won't lay for a long time.

Nice hutch, I may try the chicken jail, or just keep pulling her of the nest and blocking the nest boxes at night

thanks for your responses, keep em coming if there are more
That's a nice Broody Buster, even nicer that it was free! Mine is a big wire parrot cage on a wire stand that I found in someone's curbside discard pile. Or you could use a wire rabbit cage set up on sawhorses or blocks. Give them shelter from the rain but don't make it too dark, a lot of light & air is what they need.
Awww... I couldn't do that to Blondie, or Barbie, or Sugar, Precious, Tough Cookie, Silver, Storm, Georgia, Stella, or even Little Lola.

Too many broodies!!

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I had a broody hen that set 2 eggs for 2 weeks until a snake got both eggs. Once I realized the eggs were gone and she was still setting, I dumped cold water on her. She ran out of the nest and ran around in the yard like normal for about 2 hours. I then found her back in the coop back in her setting spot. I dumped cold water on her again and 2 hours later she was back in the box. I dumped cold water on her again and she didn't go back to the coop again until roosting time. That night she roosted like the other hens and the next morning she was out running around with the other hens. BROKE HER IN ONE DAY!

This was about a week ago and still now eggs from her, so I don't know how long it will take for her to lay again. Hopefully she isn't petrified of getting in the box again.


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