Ideas to keep hawks at bay


7 Years
May 24, 2016
Prineville, Oregon USA
Hello Everyone:

Does anyone have any ideas of how to deter aerial attacks from hawks on geese? I lost a 3 month old American Buff female to a hawk yesterday. They are out in order to graze. If I kept them confined and netted they would not have grass to eat. I know this may be a tall order but if anyone had an idea for a deterrent I would be most grateful. I do have two new babies from a late hatch. The are with the older geese and that seems to be working out. I do have a lot of trees on the property. I am on high alert. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.
As it turns out it was not a hawk but a coyote who came in today and grabbed my rooster!! That was the last bird he will grab from my flock. The coyote did not survive!! Unfortunately the rooster did not survive either!!!

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