Ideas what is wrong with Tom Turkey?

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    My Tom is off color, standing in the water pan, feathers ruffled, wings low, and not eating. He can still move well enough to avoid being caught, though. But he just stops and sags. His beak is open, so panting possibly. It has been high 80's. I haven't put out much feed the last few days as the neighbors pig has been over getting into the food. Tom free ranges our acre and guards the setting hens and is 6 years old. Both the turkey hens are fine. I'd say it's on day 2 since I noticed this. He has not been wormed. Any ideas for future care and to keep the rest of them ok. Feed here is sweet feed or layer mix, cracked corn, and they get into the dog's food which is 20 protein 10% fat. And any table scraps. Right now there are apples. Thanks. He's a Narragansett.
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    @R2elk any ideas?

    I don't know much of anything about Turkeys, but if you can provide a few photos (poop too if you have them) that may be helpful. You mention his color is off so that may be good to see.

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