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Jun 2, 2011
I have a few baby chicks and I really wanna know what breed they are.I'm gonna post the pics if anyone can help identify i would be'll take sum time for the pics so can anyone tell me what chick is is brown in colour and is growing white wings and a white tail.
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I don't know what your chick is, but
and congratulations on your new chicks! I am sure you will find them more fun than you ever thought possible. You may want to post your question under the "Breeds & Gender" title to get a more speedy answer and definately pictures are the way to go. Without pictures, it is just to hard to tell. You can't post pictures until you have 10 postings I believe. So just go on the forum and say hi, make comments, etc. and then you will be able to put some pictures up for us to take a peek at and hopefully help you out. Can't wait to see them!
thanks a lot everyone for answering my posts and welcoming me.i'l post the pics as soon as i cross the 10 postings boundary.
at the moment i've got 5 chicks.two of them are probably black australorps and two are a local breed i've forgotten the name of.the last one is that brown and white chick i wrote about earlier.
initially i thought its a rhode island red when i got it(it was around 1 week old).but since it startd sprouting white wings and now a white tail i'm not so sure.

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