Identify breed and gender?


6 Years
May 22, 2013
Can you guys help me identify these chickens?

I thought the first was an orpington but she has a pea comb. The second has yellow/greyish legs. The thirds legs are a pink/grey color and I was wondering if it was a jersey giant. I think the fourth is a Cornish.
The first might actually be a Buff Orpington. Some times, breeds can grow up with a foreign comb or a comb that the breeds isn't supposed to have. The second one could be a Rose-comb Rhode Island White. The third one could be a white Leghorn or a Single-comb Rhode Island White. And the last one looks like a Barnavelder. I hope this helps! Also, they are all hens! Good luck!
Did you get the buff and whites at the same place? With the peacomb on the first one, and it looks like the white pullet's greenish gray legs (does she have a peacomb also)? I wonder if somebody is making easter eggers using orpingtons. The white roo could be an orp with the whitish legs, JGs should have yellow. Agree the last is a dark cornish.
The first one might be an Orpington that just doesn't have the right type of comb. Different combs can crop up in breeds. For example, some Wyandottes are single combed. The white one looks like an Orpington mix, as the legs should be white, not green. As Kelsie2290 suggested, she might have some Easter Egger in her. The third one looks like it could also be a White Orpington mix. And, lastly, the fourth bird is a Dark Cornish hen, purebred.

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