Identify this chick> BYC experts!

Thunder Bay Chicken

9 Years
Oct 21, 2010
North of Thunder Bay
Can anyone identify this kind of chick?

Mostly gray with brown and black spots on it's head.

Has furry feet and legs! > Yikes

I got a free one this year because our order was one short last year not sure what breed this is and the paperwork did not say any thing other then free/extra chick added.

Here is photo for the experts.

pea comb brahma....straight comb cochin

does it have a beard? its really hard to see in that pic its small and part of its head is cut off...were did you order from? legs also look black, does it have 5 toes?
It's head is very puffy in real life the picture doesn't really show it very well... I first thought something was wrong with it's head compared to all our other chicks then I saw the feet and legs were furry and was like what the heck is this little thing!

Very weird when it's the only one, it really sticks out in the group!
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its got a vaulted head which would indicate a silkie along with feathered legs and feet, 5 toes (sometimes not in hatchery stock), black skin, crest on its head, a beard or maybe beardless

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