Identifying Chicken Breeds/Genders by Skeletal Structure?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Peep-Chicken, Mar 23, 2015.

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    So, I was watching this show, and there was brief talk of a chicken bone structure. Seeing that human skeletons can be identified by remains, why couldn't chickens? Okay sure, who cares what gender a chicken is based on bone structure, but, I think the concept of it is interesting. Of course, you could use external key gender components, but what fun is that (besides, what if your chickens all died and where in a far stage of decomp (or scattered bones), and you wanted to identify gender?)?

    The breed by skeletal structure is more curiosity, is there differences say between Rhode Island Red bones and Malay bones? Sure, both chickens but still interesting.

    I have only partially autopsied two chickens, a rooster and hen. Of course, I found them the day they died so they where still chicken looking. And I want looking for internal skeletal gender differences either.

    What are key skeletal clues to look for differences in roosters and hens? Is this even possible?

    Again, this is more curiosity then anything, just thought its a interesting topic. Hope this brings a discussion, and I hoped to share any findings I get (and no, I haven't killed before, any bird used died naturally).

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