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    I have 28 7 week old straight run bantams. 10 Cochins, 9 Brahmas and 9 New Hampshires. What is the best way to identify the roosters for culling at this point. By comparing the same breed some have larger combs and are larger in size. I am assuming that these are probably roosters but just want to make sure. My end plan is to keep about 15 birds, but only one rooster. Thanks!

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    My apologies if this idea is incorrect, but it seems to me, from all the reading I've done so far here, that one thing that crosses breed lines when it comes to identifying a roo is comb color.
    A chicks comb that's turning a darker, more red color seems to be a good indicator of a roo unmasking.
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    Pictures always help! [​IMG] Post in the gender section of BYC!

    Combs, reddish in color early, slow feathering & size of legs are strong indicators of cockerels. Since you have a variety of each breed, you could compare them and then you can probably figure it out ok. SOme do develop faster than others, so it may not be foolproof!

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