Idle rumination about buying PopTarts from a smoke shop


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I am recognized by the clerks in the little "cheap cigarettes" smoke shop I patronize. Best prices around. I don't even have to say what brand, flavor, and type of pack I want, any more.

I was short 8 cents once, the clerk said,"Pay it next time." I think, when I actually did that, she took notice. Sometimes we chat, briefly. She always wears a beautiful sari, and her infant son is often attached to her by a sling. (Yah, baby in a smoke shop... Go figure.)

There are also two soft drink fridges and a variety of chips and things, as well as T-shirts and other smoking paraphernalia for sale.

My lunch hour was taken up by some other buiness and I was running late today when I stopped to buy cigarettes. I noticed a flavor of PopTart I hadn't seen before: Apple Strudel.

I love PopTarts, especially Frosted Raspberry, or Frosted Cherry. Sometimes, the chocolately ones will be very attractive to me.

The whole point of this long- winded ramble is that the PopTart was stale. And the inside was .... Chewy... Not gooey.

I'm amused I expected to find a FRESH PopTart at an establishment selling tobacco products!

Anybody else have Shouldnt Have Been Surprised moments like this, willing to share them?
Oh my oh my. What am I going to do with my dear friends that I care about that insist on eating things like pop tarts and chicken mc nuggets.
I always laugh hysterically when i go to a little local horse show, and hear people complaining about how people ride - at a little bitty show. For people who don't have millions to spend on lessons, training and horses.

The funniest part, though, is if you took those people to the top competition in the world, they'd STILL complain about how people ride.

I've done it! I DELIBERATELY did it! Purely for the entertainment value! I took one of them to a big competition! They sat around the whole time and complained.

And if THEY have a problem with a horse, they have a million excuses as to why that happened to them.

When I was young, it annoyed me. Now that I'm ancient, I think of it as part of the multi colored and pusilanimously passing panopoly of pedantism.
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Hmm... let me think, Packaged donuts. I always insist on buying these dry little things with some orange juice for breakfast. I have done it multiple times. Hmm.. "Why did i think they would be good this time?" I really like those warm, chewy, soft donuts at the local donut shop. I think i can say that I love those fresh donuts. I really like the maple flavored ones.
I think that last one (welsummerchicks) was my favorite post of the day. Whatever I feel about pop tarts and chicken mcnuggets aside (cuz it ain't good), I feel that any retail establishment SHOULD have nothing but pristine product on the shelf, especially when dealing with food. I was a retail establishment manager and I believe that it is the responsibility(that nasty 'R' word) of a store to offer fresh product at all times. Then again, I'm a realist and I know that sometimes packaging fails, product gets overlooked, etc. Also, Poptarts are crap product to begin with, so it's never gonna be a diamond in a package, but always a cleverly disguised piece of coal (or worse). So, don't be surprised, but always check the date. Also, check for a dusty product, etc. If it looks suspect, it probably IS.
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