If a comb loses a point...


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Does it ever grow back? Because see...what had happened was...

My favorite little hen, who is also the sweetest and most people oriented, jumped on the porch with my friend and I yesterday. We were chilling, hanging out, her 1 year old was running around and here comes Pigeon! She jumped up on the rails, saw him, jumped down next to him and he reached down and grabbed her comb! We both screamed NO! His momma hollered PUT THE CHICKEN DOWN! and before he could let go we had SCARED THE CHICKEN who tried to run and a point came off in his tight little grasp!

He was crying, I was just watching in slow motion shock, his mom was apologizing and Pigeon was looking MAD AS HELL! now she's missing the very middle point in her comb - though she was good enough STILL try to see what we were up to and stare at him as though she wondered WHY HE was crying....I'm over it already...just wondering it if comes back...

Sounds like a 1 year old..... Sorry!

No it will not grow back. She will be fine without it so long as you do not plan on showing her.

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