if eggs are laid every 25 hours....

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  1. Goldie56

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    Mar 7, 2009
    I read on a link here that it takes 25 hours for a new egg to be laid. What happens when that 25th hour occurs in the night hours when it is pitch black in the hen house? Do they wait till light or do they find their way in the dark to the nest box and lay it? Can hens see in the dark or are they as blind as we are?
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    I dont think any of my 30 hens have ever used a hen box. They are too busy. They just plop down and lay wherever in the coop, even in the middle of the night!
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    Somehow a hen is able to control how late in the day she's willing to lay (for some reason they usually don't like to lay late in the afternoon). She'll skip a day when the egg would come later than she likes and wait till morning to start all over. Of course, then there are the hens that don't lay every day to begin with, they wouldn't really need to regulate themselves like that.
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    When their laying times occurs in the dark, they usually wait until the next day. This is why you won't get an egg EVERY day from every hen. It is also why chickens in some locations do not lay in the winter.

    Good luck!!
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    It can be every 18-36 depending on the hen. And they don't always lay in the nest box. They just do what they want to. They lay when they want to. I have one who lays around 7pm every night. IDK why, she just does.
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    Jan 23, 2008
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    but sometimes in a young pullet you will see one under the roost. Almost like they have to learn to wait till morning.

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