if I want to add on....


10 Years
May 6, 2009
to a 4x4 coop, can the height of the added on part be just a couple of feet high? or does it really need to be as high as the rest of it? I thought perhaps I could cut out a rectangle and add a box of some sort to the outside that would give them extra room...

problem is I have a 4x4 coop right? well I sorta have more than 4 chickens right now. LOL! I'd maybe want to keep 5?? yeah? would this work? or is it just silly?
Yes a couple feet high would be OK, just maybe dark and difficult cleaning. If you have a large run or free range, you are probably OK w/o an addition for just 5 chickens.

Good luck,
I plan on having them running around outside as much as possible. I am planning on extending the run since currently its not meeting the 10sf/chicken rule... but yeah, the winters are long here so I want to make sure that they are comfortable
You can add on at a different height, no problem, a couple of feet is fine just have the roost in the old part for height. I would definitely add a window (or just screen w/plexiglass for winter shutting) there and the chickens will fight to be in that part so they can look out! Put vinyl on the floor and a perch window height and you have yourself a chicken condo!

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