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Nov 4, 2017
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I put new rooster in with hens this past saturday after 3 weeks seperation. Lots of loving happening all sat and sun. I checked on Wednesday and some of my eggs were fertile. (BO, Maran, EE with blue egg, EE with Green egg) does that mean these hens will lay ONLY FERTILE eggs for the next week or so? Or does it happen that Mondays egg can be fertile (from a Saturday encounter) but Tuesdays may not be, and then Wednesdays will again? Or does it fertilize 100% of that hens eggs until it "runs out" a week later (or 10 days).

Hope that made sense?
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Jan 4, 2017
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From everything I've read. Peak fertility is within the first 7 days after a mating. After that it declines, but you can still get a fertile egg for 2-3 weeks after that.

This is why, if you want to breed pure or certain crosses, they recommend separating the hens from the unwanted rooster for at least 21-30 days before collecting eggs for hatching or sale. You can place them with the appropriate rooster right away so they have time to get to know each other before you start collecting eggs. The unwanted sperm will die off during that time.

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