If my appeal is denied as well....

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    i would give it a home but i'm about 1.5 hours from ya. i won't be up that way till oct 4th when i go to union city to visit family.

    zoneing shouldn't be able to touch that one a bunny is a pet not livestock or poultry unless u raise them for food. r u allowed guinea pigs if so a rabbit is considered in that class. ur ordinace has to specify rabbits r not allowed. tell them u want to see the code u r supposably violateing and they have to show u upon request the code in exact wording not go by what they r saying.

    if u can talk them into giveing u more time and still have him or a temp home till the 4th i can stop to get him on my way up and pick him up on the 4th.

    if u find out u can keep him later i'd be happy to give him back also and just foster family it until then. if not i have other bunnies and it can have a perminate home if needed.

    so sorry u r going through all this,
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    mangled is picking him up tomorrow. Yes the ordinance specifically cites rabbits....but you are allowed up to 3 as long as they are at least 15 feet from the property line, kept in sanitary conditions and kept in secure enclosures ect. As far as I can tell I was NOT in violation of the ordinance with one bird and one bunny except that I didn't have the permit....and when I tried to get the permit it was denied. I'm appealing and the newspaper is running a story tomorrow telling our side.
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    JMHO, but sounds like the guvmint folks in Titusville are bucking to change the name to Up-tight-us- ville! Did you forget to pay the bribe last month?! What's up with those beaurocrats-- nev' mind. It's an election year. Nuff said. Hope you had a lovely visit with the zoning snark, and mangled, you're sweet to take bunny. I'd offer, but the flight to TX might be a bit much. Best of luck, and maybe Karma will come around in time for you to witness it![​IMG]

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