If rodents chewed in bags of chicken feed are they still safe to feed?

Most of the time rodents just chew to let the feed out and eat from the spill, in which case the feed left in the bag is fine.
If they were making their way into the bag, I would treat it differently because rat feces in particular often carry many diseases, some of which affect chickens.

I get chewed bags on rare occasion when I get back with feed too late or get too lazy to stow it all away before dark. Some tape over the holes to keep moisture out and prevent more feed spills where you store it (attracting rodents) and use the broken bags first.
If this went on for a while, I'd reevaluate how you store feed. Because the rodents will be back, and they will be mad at you for their missed meals. đź‘€
Plastic containers won't work, and keeping a room entirely rodent proof is harder.

I bolted metal roofing to the walls, floor, ceiling and door of what was - in essence - a closet on the back side of my shed. Viola - rate proof storage.

Only recommended if you are storing 500#+ of feed at any given time - otherwise, there are cheaper, easier options.
We use three 55-gal plastic drums with covers. Dump the chicken feed into them. Each holds 250-300# of feed. Fourth drum is for scratch grains. Drums are kept in the front half of our coop (8x32 travel trailer) inside a screened-in storage and brooding area. Predator-proof, but not mouse-proof. The worst that gets into the feed is a stray mouse now and then - but rarely, since the chickens keep the rodents away. :)
I quit dumping feed into the garbage cans years ago, after having a problem with a chick who had a vitamin deficiency, and we wanted to know what the mill dates and lot numbers were on the feed she was eating. Now the feed stays in the bag it arrive in, mill date always checked, and the bags go into the garbage cans, with lids that fit.
Also, it's not possible to have feed left in the bottom of the can to spoil.
Each can holds two bags of feed, not three as it did when pored in, but still has been a better choice for us.
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