If splay leg isn't too severe can they self correct it themselves?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by vpeterson, Sep 15, 2010.

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    My chick has splay leg but can stand and walk. His leg just kind of juts out but the chick is able to compensate and is getting food and water. The chick is one day old. I am afraid that if I put a band aid splint on it, it will make him unable to get around and I am not home to help him all day. Will it correct itself or am I making it worse by not treating it with the band aid splint?
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    I had a chick last year with a severly splayed leg problem on both legs. He would scoot around he couldn't even stand. I tried splinting with a bandaid but it didn't work too well he would always get the tape loose. He eventually corrected on his own. I would stand him up straight and push his legs up underneath him and keep doing that. Eventually he started doing it himself. It sounds like your little guy is already correcting himself so he will probably do okay. They just need to develop strength in thier leg muscles.
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    Usually it will get worse unless it's a minor case. He will get around fine with the bandaid hobble, honest. I like to take a pair of scissors and cut the bandaid in half lengthwise first. That way the hobble is thinner and doesn't cover as much of the leg, so they're able to get around better. The sooner you get the bandaid on him, the less time it takes to correct.

    I did have one this year that appeared to be splayed on both legs plus he had his neck twisted way back. There was no way to splint him, he couldn't eat or drink, and I came very close to culling him right away. But I waited to see what would happen and within a few days he was indistinguishable from the others. But I don't think it was splayed leg in his case.
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    Make sure he is not on newspaper or slick surface . Use paper towels , pine shavings or straw. Anything that will let him get a good grip. This will help him strengthen that leg quicker

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