If You Are having a problem With Your Family, Read This!!!

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    Sep 22, 2015
    So, I have 3 sisters and 9 brothers. That equals 12, with me its 13. I am the oldest. It is hard but I'm lived with it. when I was younger my parents got divorced. at the time I had 4, then my dad got married and my stepmom had 3 kids, then they had 2 babies overtime, then my mom got married and I got 2 new stepsiblings, and then a new baby. Pretty confusing, right. But, That Was a couple of years ago. s if you think having that many siblings was a pain. Then you are right. I but you are saying what or I'm used to it I have a lot too. So try to solve those problems. so you don't end up like me, where I am is somewhere you can't go back to family. If you are saying I'm moving far away from here. If you feel that way then do it. But that's what I said and I'm not happy. So, if you want to be unhappy do it. Bt watch out.

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