If You Could Only Have 6 Chickens...


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Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
If only 6 pullets/hens, then I would go for a variety of color and looks, likely having 6 different breeds.

EE are fun bc they vary in color, and ours have quirky personalities.

Polish are fun due to looks/coloration.

Salmon Faverolles are fluffy/puffy and look almost like little owls when sitting in the cold (fluffed up).

Silver laced Wyandotte’s have beautiful coloration and our current one is inquisitive and sassy.

Our BJG are big and interesting to watch, but not sure I’d have one in just a flock of 6...

We had dark brown Leghorns, and didn’t like them...but they were quite active and a bit odd at times, but in a flock of 6 an active bird would be fun to watch. We also had a silver spangled Hamburg (unfortunately a male) that was active like the Leghorns, and very attractive so would lean more towards SSH, rather than DBL.


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Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY
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My Coop
What breeds would you choose if you could only have 6 hens, and why?

I would have:

A Silkie
A large Cochin
An Olive Egger
An Ameracauna or Araucana
A Wellsummer
A Rhode Island Red

(I have 4 of those breeds and will likely add the Wellsummer and RIR when the opportunity arises.)

I would choose:
1) Speckled Sussex: friendly, songster, beautiful light brown large egg layer. One of 10 top best layers.
2) Barred Rock: Quiet, tried and true top ten best large egg layers.
3) Golden Buffs: light weight at 4 lbs easy on the feed bill, quiet, easy to handle large prolific egg layers. Golden Buffs my most reliable egg layer so far. I would definitely get them again.
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