If you liked the movie "Waking Ned Devine"

Buff Hooligans

12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
You'll like a French Canadian movie called "Seducing Doctor Lewis". I saw it with my chickflick friend last night. She got it from NetFlix. (She likes movies with subtitles...)

Here's the synopsis:
Seducing Doctor Lewis is a beguiling story of a ragtag fishing community on a tiny, impoverished island who must persuade a young Montreal-based doctor (David Boutin) to live in their town in order to get a much-needed new factory. Over a one-month trial period, the villagers try to satisfy his every need and convince him that their town offers all the charms of a thriving metropolis. Led by their mayor, Germain Lesage (Raymond Bouchard), the villagers rise to the challenge with good-hearted duplicity. However, as their deception continues, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. Just as Doctor Lewis begins to respond to the simple “authenticity” of the village, the question arises: how will he feel when he finds out it’s based on lies? The directorial debut of Jean-François Pouliot, Seducing Doctor Lewis is a charming and funny tale, as well as a wry meditation on truth and falsehood.


Poultry Princess
12 Years
Jul 16, 2008
North-West Georgia
I did like Waking Ned Devine so I will check this out. Thanks so much for the suggestion

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